West Village Courier

Church Activities 
6-Outdoor Movie night
7-Oil Belt Open House
12-Ladies Sweet Event
14-Mother's Day
20-EC Graduations
21-Graduate Recognition
Looking Ahead
June 4 - Church Picnic
June 5-9 - VBS
July 2-6-Shiloh Trip

May Anniversaries
4-Dustin & Meaghan Fryman
8-Jim & Sandy Hortin
15-Roger & Sherrie Turpin
16-Jayare & Tara Buerster
Caleb & Ashley Porter
17-Kent & Diane Mason
Doug & Stephanie Spencer
23-Jason & Kelley Biggs
Chris & Lenora Meyer
24-Chris & Audra Spray
25-Ed & Sarah Smiley

May  Greeters
7-Carson & Rhonda Everett
14-Bill & Charlotte Tribe
21-Mike & Lesa Dean
28-Jim & Sandy Hortin

May Sound System 
Kevin Berger

Children's Church
28-Chris H.

7-Debbie & Audrey
14-Tara & Tonya
21-Michelle & Joyce
28-Rhonda & Whitney

Call to Worship
7-Mike Dean
14-Johnny Gill
21-David Lane
28-Dave Matthes

Ladies Sweet Event

A Ladies "Sweet Event" will be held at the church on May 12 at 6:30pm.  All ladies, moms, daughters, and granddaughters are invited!  There will be music, desserts, drinks, laughter, and fellowship!  Bring your Bible!

Outdoor Movie Night

An Outdoor movie night will be held on May 6th from 5-8pm for those 3 years-5th grade.  The movie will be Hotel Transylvania 3.  Kids can bring a blanket and stuffed animal with them, and bring a friend!  There will be lots of food!  All kids please bring non-perishable food items.  For every food item that is brought you will get something out of the treat box!  All goods will be split between the two food pantries in Edwards County.  If you have any questions please contact Ashley Spray.

Oil Belt Camp Open House

Know someone who has never been to camp before?  Maybe you want to see how the campus has changed?  Oil Belt will be having an open house on May 7 at 3:00!  The buildings will be open to tour, games will be set up for the kids to play, live music can be enjoyed in the chapel, food trucks will be available, and at 6:00 a worship service will be held.   It is a great opportunity to check out all the wonderful changes Oil Belt has made over the past few years!

Vacation Bible School

VBS is right around the corner!!  It will be June 5th-9th for ages 3-entering 6th grade.  The theme is Hero Hotline: Called Together to Serve God.  Registration is available online.  Lots of volunteers will be needed and a sign up sheet is on the bulletin board.  If anyone has any questions please contact Shayla Potts, Michelle Smith, or Mackenzie Longbons.

Oil Belt Registration

Summer is coming and that means that the camp season at Oil Belt is right around the corner!  Online registration opened March 6th, and if you haven’t already registered look online and see what week of camp works the best for your summer schedule.  When registering online you will need the code westvillagecc100 to include on the payment page.  Please fill out the Church Payment Authorization form and bring it to Nolan to sign after registering.
Activities at the Village on Main
 May 6-Ignite

Missions Moment

Missions Updates
       -We were so blessed to have Dr. Pat/Living Stones International (formerly NewsService 2000) here to share with us Sunday, April 16th.
-Oil Belt will be hosting a camp open house Sunday, May 7th.  There will be tours, activities, food, and music.
-Shiloh-a work trip is scheduled for July 2-6.  If you are interested in going contact Rodney Michels.  Some paperwork needs to be done if you are 18 or older.
-Oblong-The Children’s Christian Home campus was spared any damage in the March 31 tornado, but there were homes destroyed in their community.  Until May 7th, we are collecting food and supplies that they have requested to help out.
-FCA-Nate Whisler will be here July 30th to speak to the congregation.  He is making headway in Edwards County becoming involved in FCA.
-Pinehaven-Pinehaven continues to expand their GAP trade school experience to help young people bridge the gap between adolescence and adulthood.
-Pioneer Bible Translators/Tim MacSaveny-June-dubbing the Jesus film in Kinyamulenge. July-consultation of Galatians and Ephesians in Matumbi.

Will's Corner

It is officially graduation season, with Summer break upon us as well. What I love most about graduation season is the idea that something great is right around the corner. Whether it’s getting to be a “big kid,” getting to be a teenager, getting to be a high schooler, getting to go experience college, going to work, going to serve your country, or even starting a family; graduation always signifies a step into the next phase of your life.
I remember my high school graduation very vividly. I was the Salutatorian of my graduating class. In case anyone is curious as to what that word means, the paraphrase is literally “second best,” (I often tell people that I took the “I Am Second” videos and mantra a little too seriously). I remember having to be there obnoxiously early for no reason other than taking pictures. By now most of you know that I am not the most photogenic of people - I’d rather be the one behind the camera snapping pictures of Ignite or other outings for the Facebook page - so being at the school 2 hours early to run through my speech and to take pictures was just something I didn’t want to do.
But that is kind of what our lives as Christians look like, isn’t it? We do things we aren’t comfortable with sometimes because God calls us to do them. In my short time here, I’ve seen people step up to the plate and do things that they haven’t done before, because they heard the plea and felt God calling them to do so. As someone who is not from Edwards County and has finally gotten settled into life here, it is encouraging to see that when a need arises, we generally show up.
I would encourage you, children of God, that in this season of great things coming up right around the corner, to keep stepping out of your comfort zone. The Lord will use you in ways you didn’t ever imagine possible.