West Village Courier

Church Activities 
    6: Ignite @ the VOM
     8: Eclipse
   13: Men’s Prayer Breakfast @
    20: Farm Party
    20: Spark @  the VOM for Jr. High
Looking Ahead
May 12-Mother’s Day
  May 17-Lock-In for the Littles
  May 19-Graduate Recognition
  June 2-Church Picnic
  June 3-7-VBS

April  Anniversaries
3—Dave & Bonnie Wright
          Mark & Cora Robb
    7—Jason & Jalyn Webb
  13—George & Nieta Fewkes
  21—John & Audrey Spray
  22—Billy & Tonya Potts
  23—Brad & Dianne Harl
  25—Earl & Jana Ibbotson
  26—Jordan & Danae Wheat
  28—Ryan & Erin Koertge
  29—Evan & Hannah Thomson
  30—Dan & Sharlee Aaron
 April  Greeters
     7—George & Nieta Fewkes
   14—Don & Norma Longbons
   21—Eleanor Mason
   28—George & Shirley Tribe

April  Sound System 
Neil Fearn
Children's Church
7-Rebecca Perry
14-Tanea St. Ledger
21-Katelynn Etheridge
28-Hayley Perry
7-Tara & Whitney
14-Sandy & Rhonda
21-Tonya & Audrey
28-Joyce & Michelle

Call to Worship
7-Olin Shilling
14-Chris Spray
21-Steve Thomson
28-Neil Fearn

April  Servers
Morgan Moore
Ben Spray
Maverick Moore
Tyler Peach

Mid Week Service

West Village began hosting a mid-week service at the VOM on March 6th. It meets every Wednesday evening at 6pm.   Join us for worship and God’s word as we reach out to the community.

Village on Main Events

Ignite for High School will take place on April 6 from 7-10pm.  On April 20, Spark will be held for Junior High .  It will be held from
7-9pm.  Be sure and invite your friends! Each event will
feature activities and food!

Oil Belt Registration

Summer is coming and that means that the camp season at Oil Belt is right around the corner!  Online registration opened in early March, and if you haven’t already registered look online and see what week of camp works the best for your summer schedule.  When registering online you will need the code westvillagecc100 to include on the payment page.  Please fill out the Church Payment Authorization form and bring it to Nolan to sign after registering.

Farming God's Way

Farming God’s Way is for 3yr olds-5th grade and will be April 20th from 4-6:30.  Plan on coming to this event where they will be learning how Hearts of Good Soil grow Seeds of Truth. This activity is for the elementary youth. If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Spray.

Children's Devotion

How long has it been since you let God have your full attention?  I mean really have all of your attention.  How long since you gave Him a part of your day-without any computers, phones, video games, or tablets?  How long since you just listened for His voice and did nothing else?  That’s just what Jesus did.  He set aside time to spend with God-just God.  If you read about the life of Jesus in the Bible, you’ll see that He made time with God a habit.  He spent time with God regularly, praying and listening.  Mark said, “Early the next morning, Jesus woke and left the house while it was still dark.  He went to a place to be alone and pray” (Mark 1:35). Let me ask you a question.  If Jesus-the Son of God, the Savior who never sinned-thought he needed to take time to pray, wouldn’t we be smart to do the same? (*taken from Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado.)
Activities at the Village on Main
6- Ignite for High School
20-Spark for Junior High

Missions Moment

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Greetings (Excerpts from FCA letter 1/25/24),
       I pray this letter brings you joy to learn how lives are transformed through your financial partnership with FCA.  We are so grateful for your help in reaching coaches and athletes around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
FCA’s “Greater” theme in 2023 inspired us to totally trust in God’s leading to reach more people in greater ways.  We broke records in the number of camps (1,042) and camp attendance (110,676).  More importantly, a total of 51,730 people made faith decisions with the help of your partnership!  Your investment provided the opportunities to engage, equip, and empower more sports competitors as disciples who make disciples.  Jesus Christ is transforming the lives of coaches and athletes!
God moved through FCA in 2023!  As each coach and athlete connected with God’s Word, lives were changed.  I invite you to join with Team FCA as we celebrate these milestones of continued transformation:
-A total of 1.28 million FCA YouVersion reading plans have now been completed.  The growing number shows that readers continue to be equipped in developing biblical character in their sports and daily lives. 
-FCA’s distribution of 230,247 Bibles encouraged coaches and athletes in their discipleship—no matter what stage of the journey they are in. 
Thank you for partnering with us to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ.
Peace and Blessings,
Shane Williamson, President/CEO

Nolan's Corner

   The early church changed the world. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what religion you adhere too, whether you love Him or hate Him, Jesus, and the movement that followed His life, death and resurrection changed the world forever. There was a passion in the early church that was undeniable. A spark that started on that first resurrection Sunday, that was fanned into full flame on the day of Pentecost and the arrival of the Holy Spirit changed lives, and forever changed the landscape of the world.
As I write this Resurrection Sunday is just a few days away. And that has had me thinking a lot about that first generation of believers. They were not born into the church; they became the church. They didn’t have the bible as we know it, but they were fully devoted to living lives that were righteous and holy. They didn’t have church buildings, but their fellowship puts ours to shame. They had no other forms of communication than their spoken or written word, but they used their feet to carry the gospel with them into every area of their known world, and beyond. They were passionate.
The church still changes the world. The message of Jesus and the empty tomb are still just as powerful today as it was two thousand years ago. The question I have been asking myself for a week is this. Are we still passionate? Does the good news of Jesus still take our breath away? Do we find it hard to contain our wonder and awe for the cross and the love displayed there? Does the love of God shown so perfectly through His son still bring you to tears? Are you crushed by your own sin knowing that it put Jesus on the cross?
The early church changed the world, what about you?