West Village Courier

Church Activities 
Oct. 8-Shreve's Pumpkin Patch
Oct. 12 - Senior Day at Oil Belt
Oct. 13-5th Quarter
Oct. 14-Elementary Youth Fall Party
Oct. 14-Youth Rally @ West Salem
Oct. 29 - Trunk or Treat
Looking Ahead
Nov. 5- Harvest Sunday

October  Anniversaries
3—Brad & Becca Atteberry
 5—Andrew & Karlie Bailey
 7—Rodney & Denise Michels
 10—Dakota & Faith Moore
 11—Bob & Linda Caldwell
          Jeff & Darla Bradham
          Gary & Kelli Prather
 21—Jim & Jodi Peach
 23—George & Shirley Tribe
October  Greeters
1—Jana & Earl Ibbotson
  8—Belinda & Morgan Moore
 15—Kelli & Gary Prather
 22—Valerie & Lonny Murbarger

October  Sound System 
Kevin Berger
Children's Church
29-No Children's Church
1-Tonya & Rhonda
8-Tara & Debbie
15-Whitney & Sandy
22-Mackenzie & Audrey
29-Michelle & Joyce

Call to Worship
1-Olin Shilling
8-Chris Spray
15-Ryan Koertge
22-Neil Fearn
29-Youth Sunday

Pumpkin Patch Outing

            The annual West Village outing to Shreve’s Pumpkin Patch will take place on October 8th. We will meet at the patch at 5:00 for a wiener roast, devotions, fellowship, and possibly a hay ride. There is no corn maze this year, but all other activities from previous years will be available.   Hot dogs, drinks, buns, and table service will be provided.  Please bring a finger food to share and your lawn chair!                   

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child boxes are available in the
foyer and are due back to church by November 5.  Please prayfully consider supporting this
wonderful missionary outreach.  Postage is $10 per box. Money can be put in the donation box or given to Chris or Linda.

Senior Day @ Oil Belt

Senior Day at Oil Belt will be October 12.  The doors open at 8:30am and worship begins at 9:00.  Albion natives Dr. Don Green and his brother David Green will be the speaker and entertainment respectively.  Dinelle Frankland, also an Albion native, will be leading the worship.  Lunch will be provided.  After lunch, attendees are welcome to dismiss when they are finished eating and visiting.  Registration is $10, and the deadline is Sept. 25.

5th Quarter

It’s Fifth Quarter time!! The last two Fifth Quarters this year will be September 29, and October 13!  If you are in Junior High or High School invite your friends, and come for food and fun after the football game!

Trunk or Treat

A trunk or treat will be held on October 29th in the evening.  Lots of trunks with candy or treats will be needed.  A sign up will be available soon.  Mark your calendars for that date!  More details are coming!
Activities at the Village on Main
Oct. 21 - Ignite

Missions Moment

Shiloh Children's Christian Ranch
We are looking forward to Kevin Blew from Shiloh visiting West Village on October 15.  He plans to have a few of Shiloh’s young people with him.  He will make a presentation during the Sunday school hour.  Sunday school classes from Junior High up will meet in the auditorium.  There will be a meal shared with him at the Village on Main following services.  The missions committee will provide the main course and drinks.  If you would like to  join us and spend more time with Kevin, please bring a side dish or dessert.  See Rodney or Denise Michels if you have questions.

Both Bob and Nancy Larsson, the founders of Pinehaven, passed to their heavenly glory in 2023.  There will be a Life Celebration for them on Thursday, October 5th from 5-7pm at Oil Belt Christian Service Camp.  If you are interested in going, please contact Rhonda Everett.  If there is enough interest we will take the church van.

Will's Corner

    This school year during youth group, the Junior High and High School classes are learning about leadership. The first lesson we did taught us that a leader passionately prays. I’m going to put all my cards out on the table - I am not very good at praying. This year, I decided to try to combat that by doing a prayer journal. There are days that I don’t do my best, but my prayer life has gotten stronger as I progress toward being a leader that passionately prays.
In our Christian world, we can oftentimes fall in the trap of asking someone on Sunday mornings how they are doing, and when they respond with something other than the typical “fine” or “just great,” and they voice true concerns or prayer needs, we find ourselves saying “I’ll definitely be praying for you!”
The unfortunate truth though, is that often there is no follow up. We tell someone we will get to it this week, and then sometimes, we just don’t ever get to it. One way to combat that is to be in prayer not just for our brothers and sisters, but with them. If someone tells you they are having some troubles with something, stop what you are doing and pray with them.
When I think of people in my own life that did this well, I think of my Grandma. I could call her anytime of day, about anything. It could be illness, it could be anger, it could be heartbreak, and she would always stop everything she was doing and just start praying for me on the spot, and it made a massive difference for me.
The truth is, a praying church is a healthy church. In his final advice to the church in Thessalonica, Paul says to always be joyful and to never stop praying. But he doesn’t just tell the Thessalonians to never stop praying, he exemplifies that to them. He tells them in the beginning of his first letter that he prays for them constantly. I leave you all, and myself for that matter, with this challenge: never stop praying. Exemplify leadership in your life by praying not just for your friends, but with them.