West Village Courier

Church Activities 
Dec. 6 -
Midwest Food Bank
Dec. 10 -
Albion Christmas Parade
Dec. 15 - Wrapping Party for Angel Tree gifts
Dec. 18 - Christmas Program
Dec. 24 - Candlelight Service @6pm

Looking Ahead
Jan. 8 - Removing the Greens
Jan. 15 - Sunday Night Activities Resume

December Anniversaries
9 - Roger & Linda Stennett
15 - Ed & Lila Fewkes
26 - Roger & Tammy Wehmeyer

December Greeters
WV107 Will be providing greeters for December

November Sound System 
Steve Greathouse

Children's Church
4 - Darla
11 - Audra
18 - Chris H.
25 - No Children's Church

4 - Whitney & Joyce
11 - Sandy & Audrey
18 - Tara & Tonya
25 - Rhonda & Mackenzie

Call to Worship
4 - Mike Dean
11 - Dave Matthes
18 - Bill Tribe
25 - Jesse Smith

Hanging of the Greens

The Traditional Hanging of the greens will take place on Novermber 27th at 6pm. Come join us as we decorate the church for Christmas.

Christmas Eve Service

Join us for a Christmas Eve Service at the church at 6pm for our candlelight service and celebrate this glorious season with us.

Christmas Program

The Christmas program will be december 18th at 6pm. The Christmas Party and refreshments will be provided afterward in the basement. Join us as the youth of West Village are putting on the musical "Stranger in the Manger" for your enjoyment.

Angel Wish Tree

West Village is sponsoring the Angel Wish Tree again this year. Displays are set up at the church, Citizens National Band in Albion, and First National Bank in West Salem to pick up cards. Gifts along with the cards, are due back at the church by December 12 and should be in a single bag. A wrapping party will be held on December 15th at the church before gift distribution on the 17th at the Village on Main.

New year's Eve

A community New Year's Eve party will be held at the Village on Main from 9pm until midnight. Come and enjoy games, ping pong, foosball, and snacks. Please bring a finger food and enjoy the fun and fellowship. All ages welcome.
Activities at the Village on Main
 Dec. 3 - Ignite Hangout
Dec. 16 - Community Worship Night
Dec. 17 - Angel Tree Gift giveaway
Dec. 19-23 - Christmas Movie Week at the Village
Dec. 25 - Candlelight Service @9pm

Missions Moment

News Service 2000
Brother Andrew: A Life Worth Remembering 
Brother Andrew lived what he taught - taking God's word to more than 165 coutries, meeting with Soviet and Muslim leaders to share the gospel and always encouraging us to love others. " My heart goes out to his family and his friends. He was the most remarkable man of God that I have ever had the privilege to know. We met in 1975 and continued the friendship for 47 years. His love for the Lord and God's Word inspired me and thousands and thousands of others. His advice and encouragement changed my life."
When I speak in churches, I recommend his first book, "God's Smuggler", as a must -read about faith and obedience to God's calling. Since "God's Smuggler," Brother Andrew has also written several other books. They are worth the read, and always challenging. My mentor and firend went to be with the Lord on September 27th. He was 94 years old. I am incredibly blessed to have known him. There have been many testimonials written about him on the day of his passing. He always told me that he would like to be remembered as a 'man of the book', but I will always remember him as a man who loved God and the people of the world.
~ Dr. Pat

Nolan's Corner

As I set at my desk this morning, I am getting an almost constant stream of emails and alerts on my phone about the great deals that are coming up this week for Black Friday. Everything from TVs to manicure sets (because I do my nails so often) are being displayed in all their glory for me to peruse. The deals are amazing if you are to believe what the ads say. If you look at the pictures you are left to feel as though that product, be it a hair drying, or the latest video game console, will revolutionize your life. But the sad reality is that at best that product that we convince ourselves we so desperately need will only bring us satisfaction for 90 days. That’s the longest that any new toy continues to make the average American happy.
            This isn’t a new struggle. Even the early believers found themselves wondering if there wasn’t something just a little bit better. Paul writes a scathing letter to the church in Galatia warning them that there is only one Gospel. Only a single story of Good News out there. But human nature is what it is. So, we will at times find ourselves or others saying things like, “it’s great that Jesus came as a baby and died for us because He loved us, but surely that means that God loves everyone too much for there to be a place like Hell.” So many proclaim things like “If God created me this way than it can’t be wrong.” If only we could make slight alterations to our understanding of God so that our lives could be just a little bit easier as Christians.
            But I will put forth this question. Is there a better story than the story of Jesus? We can get caught up in the pursuit of the new and forget the joy that comes with the origin of this season. As much as we as humans will at times seek to alter the Good News to fit with our own desires, I am left asking the question, why? In light of the story of Jesus, that He would surrender his throne for a manger what more could be need besides Him. This season I just want to leave you with an encouragement. Don’t let the desire for new make you miss out on the reality of our reason for celebration. Jesus.